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Forsbergs Game Jam Weekend

Course start: Feb 16th-17th 2019
Application ends: First come first served!
Course length: 2 Days

Forsbergs Game Jam on the weekend of february 16th-17th  2019 in Stockholm is a workshop where we create games and test our creativity. The workshop is open to everyone, from professionals to amateurs. You get to meet other game fanatics. exchange experiences, develop concepts and try new tools and methods. You can either work on your own project or join a group and contribute with your ideas and experiences.

Square Off”, a 2 player party game created at Forsbergs Game Jam Weekend April 2016. Made by: Johan Laine, Albina Schultz, Christopher Johansson, Axel Ek and Daniel Månsson.

”Not so Safe House”, a VR game for HTC VIVE created at Forsbergs Game Jam Weekend April 2016. Made by: Viktor Arvidsson, Natascha Shirmuli, Ludvig Ström, Tim LindholmAxel Tiderman, Petronella Olanders, Elin Ölund Forsling, Joakim Hammarslätt and Anders Schill Paulsen. 


The Game Jam is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited so apply here as soon as possible. You need to be 18 or older to apply. It’s OK to apply as a group, otherwise you will be divided into groups at the start of the Game Jam.


Forsbergs Game Jam begins on Saturday Feb 16th at 10.00 am. After the registration and division into temas we start jamming around 11.00 am, and finish with a presentation on Sunday afternoon (followed by an After Jam).


Forsbergs Skola’s premises at Skinnarviksringen 6, closest metro station is Zinkensdamm.


Forsbergs Game Jam is technology neutral in terms of software/hardware. You bring the tools and materials you want to use.

If you want to create digital games, please bring a laptop. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with some of the software that can be used in game development prior to the Game Jam. After receiving your application we will send you an email with some suggestions on software (which more often than not, have cost-free versions).

Please feel free to also create non-digital games such as board games, card games or other ”pen and paper” games.

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