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Course start: continuous application
Application ends: continuous application
Course length: 8 course letters


This course is held in Swedish and requires a thorough understanding of Swedish in written form.

How does one write selling texts? And what is it that makes a text easy to read? Forsberg’s Distance Course 2 in copywriting is for those who want to develop further their skills as a copywriter. Each course letter gives you an insight into common tasks and challenges a copywriter may encounter during his or her working day.

This course is a merit for applying to our full-time education. It also functions very well as an inspiration for people who do a lot of writing in their professional working life.

The course includes a total of 8 course letters. Each letter contains information, examples, tips and advice to inspire you, as well as tasks to be solved. Each task has a different degree of difficulty. Estimated work time is about 2-6 hours per week. Letters must be solved within about 2 weeks. We will send letters via email. No traditional grading. Your teachers assess and return your assignments along with personal comments. After the course you will receive a personal review and a final diploma.

1: Identity and storytelling. 2: Digital copy. 3: Editorial texts. 4: Tone of voice. 5: Copy based ad camapigns The order of the letters can vary .

There are no formal requirements to be admitted to the course, however, the number of participants is limited. Admission is based on the order of the applications.

Fill out the registration form online or send it to Forsbergs Skola, Skinnarviksringen 6, 117 27 Stockholm, Sweden.

The tuition fee for the course is 8000 SEK plus 2000 VAT (value-added tax).  Once you have been accepted, you must confirm your place by paying a registration fee of 1875 SEK which is deducted from the course fee at billing. The remaining fee is to be paid before the course starts. The fee does not include costs of materials.

All students receive a diploma after passing the course.

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