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How easy is it to get a job after the education?

To date, approximately 97% of our full-time students work in the industry within a year after graduation. Our full-time programs include professional internships and we have good contact with the industry.

Do I need a laptop when I begin?

Yes, a laptop is required at all our full-time programs and at other courses where stated in the course requirements.

Do I need to know how to use all the computer programs when starting?

The full-time courses requires basic computer skills. They include more in-depth training in various programs. Most short courses do not require work using a computer.

Can I cancel my education and finish it later?

Yes, it is possible under special circumstances such as illness and the like. Then you may take a break and return later.

Can the school help with finding accommodation?

We are happy to advise on rental agencies and the like. The school does however not provide any accommodation.

Do students have access to the premises in the evenings and weekends?

Yes, our full-time students have their own keys and access to school premises around the clock.