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The Pelle grant

Pelle Lindberg, one of the school’s two founders and acclaimed teacher and educator, left us suddenly spring 2006. In honor of Pelle’s memory a fund was started to each year award a grant. An award of SEK 5,000 goes to a graduating student at Forsberg’s School to encourage artistry, humor and creativity in Pelle’s spirit. Contributions to the fund can be deposited in the account  SEB 5215-3017858.

Winners 2015:
Tweeting Fishes by Amanda Frykberg & Ints Ivanovskis

Winners 2014:
Poetry Pong by Figge Wasberger & Linus Blom

Winner 2013:
Beat Match by David Rinman

Winner 2012:
Knappen by Sophia Danforth.

Winners 2011:
Project Ikea by the copywriting class of 2011.

Winner 2010:
Wipebook by William Törnqvist.

Winners 2009:
Information Overload by Petter Nilsson & Daniel Hilding.

Winners 2008:
Tryckcykeln by Johan Undén & Calle Enström.

Winner 2007:
Project Idébrottning by Anders Gröndal.