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Sweden has gone from a country of moderation to a place where polarisation has taken hold. Today, opinions tend to be extreme either in one direction or the other, with fewer people occupying the middle ground. To illustrate this, Forsberg’s School is arranging a Christmas bazaar offering products and services intending to showcase one of two opinions: either that Christmas is the best thing ever, or the worst.

Christmas is AWFUL, or Christmas is Fantastic

The first-year students in copywriting and graphic design have a yearly tradition of holding a Christmas bazaar at the school. Apart from the usual mulled wine, saffron buns and gingerbread cookies every Christmas bazaar is different; always offering things to buy and do with a unique theme. This year, the theme is polarisation and each student has picked one of two sub-themes what they have made represents:

a few posters from the student projects

Christmas is fantastic, or Christmas is awful

The Christmas bazaar is open to the public. 

and takes place at the school between 11AM-5PM on Saturday and -Sunday December 7th & 8th – Skinnarviksringen 6 on Södermalm. 

All profits from the café will be donated to Bris.