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Forsbergs skola needs a communicator ! 

Do you want to work at Sweden’s most creative design school? Forsbergs skola is looking for someone who loves to communicate and inspire as much as we do. We want the impossible, a person that can simultaneously keep our website looking tip top, create a social media campaign from scratch, deal with incoming invoices, run the admin for our teachers and still find time to talk to our students. 

About us…

For almost thirty years Forsbergs has educated some of the most sought after and innovative creators in advertising, copywriting, game development and graphic design. We run four full-time education programs, evening and distance classes as well as hosting a range of special events from our Game Jams to a Christmas Market. We are a small school with only a few full-time employees, so the tempo is rapid dynamic and always changing. If you thrive in a constantly moving work environment where your own creativity and ability to learn new things is valued above all else maybe this is the right job for you.

About you…

Ok…we want a Swiss Army knife of a person but you should at very least have an eye of detail when it comes to the administrative tasks like booking teachers, responding to inquiries about the school as well as knowing your way around website maintenance, analytics and social media. You need to be a good communicator in English and Swedish and able to talk with everyone from a nervous new student to the head of a leading advertising agency or from a worried parent to a teacher in level design. Some of the things we would like you to have experience with or look forwards to include…

talking with clients 

taking care of the bills

writing a blog

designing a facebook ad

keeping files in order

hoisting the Forsbergs flag in the garden

dropping everything to help a student

The small print
(or what you should have in your toolbox) 

Google suite
Google analytics
AdobeSoc. Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin,
Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia etc)
Data base

Appointment to start immediately
Send CV and letter to: pia@forsbergsskola.se


Vi söker alltid efter kreativa yrkesverksamma människor från vår bransch, som föreläsare, lärare eller för enstaka projekt. Hör av dig till oss på info@forsbergsskola.se