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Kursstart: 31 Aug 2020
Ansök senast: PÅGÅENDE
Kurslängd: 2 år varav 40 veckor praktik

About the program


Forsbergs Game Programming Is a higher educational portfolio program designed to prepare you to enter the workforce as game developers.The program aims to deliver a creative and professional game development education, with emphasis on creative abilities and ideation, through “learning by doing”. The program is qualified for Swedish financial aid for studies (CSN).

All of the programs courses will be held in English. We welcome applications from all, including international students. We encourage prospective applicants to apply early and submit all necessary documents as early as possible; the recommended application deadline is before June 1st 2019.


The program consists of 110 weeks of education with 40 weeks of internship experience. The classes will be held weekdays between the hours of 08:00-18:00. However, some of the classes may be scheduled during evening or on weekends. The school is open 24 hours a day. The facilities for students in the school are state-of-the-industry. From workstations to servers to cloud, all computers are networked and equipped with the software tools and components regularly used in industry. The training consists of lectures, workshops, tutorials and presentations of the various projects.Throughout the program, 
students will be asked to work individually and in teams to promote their growth.


Students will better understand game design, level design, game projects, agile development and presentation skills, balancing and quality assurance. Topics such as Creative thinking, reward mechanisms, ideation and process oriented work are covered in depth. Students will fundamentally learn Scripting and programing.  They will have some hands-on experience, through field studies at game development studios, industry orientation and an internship.


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