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Forsbergs students creates Weld websites for Greenpeace, Rädda Barnen, Håll Sverige Rent

Last week, Weld collaborated with advertising school Forsbergs and their graduate students.

Guided by teachers Linda Albright and Emmelie Franzén, the students were divided into groups and had just one week to create a full marketing campaign for one of these charity organizations:

Here are the amazing results:

“Nostalgitrippen” (Rädda Barnen)

Students Beth, Hannah, Jenny, Linn, Ebba, and Lisa created www.nostalgitrippen2016.se as a retro 90’s event site:nostalgitrippen2016

“No Ice Challenge” (Greenpeace)

Ivan, Petter, Josephine, Jacob, and Robert created “No Ice Challenge” as a reference to ALSA’s “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Here’s what the campaign website (www.no-ice-challenge.se) looks like:


“Kolvalet” (Greenpeace)

Students Erik, Jesper, Nico, Ivo, Hannes, and Erik created www.kolvalet.se around the controversial coal plants owned by Vattenfall.


“En liten lösning” (Håll Sverige Rent)

Mimi, Moa, Louise, Beata, and Paula created www.litenlösning.se as way of making urban pollution easier to grasp and take action.


“Fimpa taggen rätt” (Håll Sverige Rent)

Students Lisette, Julia, Jenny, Catrine, Waldemar, Leia created www.fimpataggenrätt.se with the strong message that 67% of street waste in Stockholm comes from cigarette butts.