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Graham Thompson: ”I’ve been involved in over 20 games in one year!”

Since he graduated from Forsbergs last spring, Graham Thompson has become Lead Game Developer at Flarie. We had a little chat with him to see how he’s getting on.

– Right now I’m on paternity leave with my daughter but normally I work at Flarie. I started there as an intern for 20 weeks and was then offered a job based on that.

Graham says that when he started his job a year ago, he was the only game developer there! That meant that he was given both a lot of responsibility and that he got to try out many parts of being a game designer – designing, ideas, programming and basically everything except for the artwork.

– It’s been challenging but fun. In school it’s more playful, now I have to adjust everything to the brand and what Flarie needs.

Everything started when Graham took part in one of Forsbergs’ Game Jam Weekends. In fact, It was the very first time he’d ever tried game design and it made him realise that he really liked it.

– I think it’s worth trying a Game Jameven for those who’ve never done anything like it before. It’s a good way of learning and being forced to push the boundaries of your creativity, he says.

This past year, Graham has been involved in developing over 20 games all of which have been released, and even more that haven’t been released yet. He says it’s really rewarding being part of a small team with the drive to continuously make an app better for users.

– Flarie has hundreds and thousands of users everyday. It’s been a cool experience to design a game straight out of school and to see so many people are playing it the very next day!

We are always looking for talent so if you’re interested in one of our Game educations starting this fall – don’t be a stranger.