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Julius Olofsson: This is game writing

Game writing is the perfect combo for those who love both writing and gaming. Julius is our new teacher in Game Writing at Forsbergs.

– I’ve written a lot of stuff over the years – as a game writer, copywriter and working with magazines. I started many years ago with film studies and learned how to write and structure a story, but then I got into games! Now I want to see if I can help others on their way into the industry, Julius says.

Simply put, Game Writing is scriptwriting for computer games. But game writing isn’t just about writing a story line, you have to understand game design itself – game thinking.

– You can’t just write a story, you need to combine it with gameplay. As a game writer, the importance of your role differs depending on the studio you work at. Some studios focus mostly on the story as others use it as fuel for the gameplay.

– As a game writer you are basically a key player when it comes to engaging and immersing the player.