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Remaking Surrealism?


Remaking Luis Bunuel’s classic 1929 film Un Chien Andalou might seem an odd thing to do. Originally shot in ten days with a budget supplied from Bunuel’s mother the film is perhaps one of the single most important works in all film history. The film has been studied to death, by generations of film students and critics and to remake it is unnecessary of course. However, despite being over 90 years old, the original is still an icon of film and surrealism and surprisingly the infamous scene where a woman’s eye is sliced with a razor still shocks audiences today.

The students in Graphic Design / Advertising 2019 were tasked to reshoot the film, shot for shot. it was both an exercise in studying the graphic and filmic composition of the original and a test of how to reimagine Bunuel’s original in a contemporary setting. 

You can judge how successful the remake is by clicking the link below.