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Tre av våra talangfulla studenter har vunnit brons i tävlingen Young ones student awards. Vi är otroligt stolta och glada!  Här kommer deras beskrivning av sitt projekt:

”Listening to music is a part of our everyday life. But the one thing that sets us apart is:
how do we listen? And it could actually be summed up quite easily in two categories: message or melody.

Spotify is the number one music service in the world, and with audiobooks about to be introduced, we want to use this strength.
The hardest thing about audiobooks is not when or where to listen; it’s what to listen to.
With so many choices, we are quick to go for recommendations, giving us books that we are not really interested in.

So we created ”Into Listening”. A new in-app feature that enables our users to find books that are equivalent to the music they are listening to.
Every song out there contains either meaning or feelings, or maybe both – and so do books. So we based this feature on the two ways of listening: message and melody.
Suggesting books that match the feelings you already get with music – and allowing every Spotify user to take them even further.
And also showcasing how Spotify is into all types of listening.”


Evelina Larsson


Elliot Tainton Lindqvist
Robin Westerback


Forsbergs Skola / Stockholm