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Hösten 2021 vann vi uppdraget, som första svenska skola, att ta fram designen för Munken Agenda 2023. Munkedals bruk grundades år 1871 och är ett av världens mest miljövänliga pappersbruk och producent av finpapper. Vi är därför stolta över att tagit oss an detta uppdrag och våra förstaårsstudenter har, under handledning av Marcus Gärde, tagit fram enastående förslag för 2023 års upplaga. Stort tack till Munken för förtroendet och för ett fantastiskt samarbete så här långt!


PrintPower Awards

I april avslutades PrintPower Awards och till vår enorma glädje vann tre av våra studenter! Vi är så enormt stolta över dom verk våra studenter skapar och det är tacksamt när andra ser samma talang vi gör.

Inspiring Young Game Developers at MediaGymnasiet Nacka Strand


Last month, after receiving top marks for a group project, me and my team received the exciting opportunity to present the demo build of our game over at MediaGymnasiet Nacka Strand.

It had been a daunting, but immensely rewarding assignment. Our mission had been to deliver an Action Role-Playing Game in just six weeks, complete with sophisticated 3D graphics, fighting animations, and specific design & programming challenges set by the school to adhere to. Just like at a studio, we had to meet the producer’s targets, while using our imagination where things were not set in stone. 

By the end of it, we had produced a game that had surpassed our initial exceptions: Avem Mortis. A journey through a crypt environment, complete with quests and NPC interactions,  and with crow-worshipping cultists lurking around most corners, eager to heed you from reaching what lies behind the final gate. 

However, for us the journey didn’t end there, as presenting our final product to a new generation of video game developers was something that we didn’t want to miss out on. Especially given, to our great surprise, the students were bursting with questions and intrigue for our mad-dash of a game. All the while remembering that we were all very new to this arena, with many of us relatively fresh to our study topics. I, personally, had only written my first line of code 6 months beforehand, anywho.

The response then was extremely validating and it was a great pleasure to share our insight, processes, and how we worked together as a team to the younger students. The artists did an amazing job of breaking down the plethora of software that they use to get from concept art to fully-animated models and immersive, explorable environments, while Sear did a great job of illustrating the all-too-often invisible science behind the game design. My job then was to just make sure that the coding side of things didn’t seem too boring, which it genuinely isn’t in a cross-disciplinary project like this that keeps you on your toes.

Given the positive response and questions, I think I can safely say that we achieved our main aim of showing that a polished minimum viable product of a video game can be delivered in just over a month from a seemingly ragtag group of new students; so long as there’s great teamwork and workflow behind them. 

Thanks again to MediaGymnasiet Nacka Strand for having us!

Written by Harry Heath, GP21

Harry is a British-born game programmer who made the jump from writing scripts for film & TV at university to writing c# scripts for video games. They’re a little different.


Kulturnatt Stockholm



Välkomna hem till Forsbergs Skola!

Forsbergs slår upp dörrarna till huset på Skinnarviksberget och bjuder in till en kväll i vårens och kreativitetens tecken.

I trädgården kan du plantera och få med dig ett slumpmässigt frö från vår frö-tombola.

Radu Coto, verksam som lärare i Game Art, visar hur man modellerar i 3D.

Elever från linjerna Game Programming och Sound design demonstrerar sitt projekt Dreamland – en interaktiv upplevelse utöver det vanliga.

Under kvällen kan du även ta en fika, spela brädspel eller prova VR.

Advice for finding an internship from Anton Albin, the Swedish gaming industry

You might already be aware of that the Swedish gaming industry is growing fast. Many internationally successful games are developed in Sweden. One person who knows much about how to get an internship in the prospering gaming industry in Sweden is Anton Albin from the Swedish Games Industry. Recently he met students from Forsbergs Skola to give advice about how to find an interesting internship in the Swedish gaming industry, this is advice from him:

  1. What is your best advice when applying for internship in the games industry?

My #1 advice is to deduct what situation the company is in, and what type of internship would make sense to them. Different companies in the games industry develop very different games and work in different ways. To get an internship you have to present what you would add to the company during your internship. What a specific company needs varies if they are developing RPGs, single player, online multiplayer, 2D, 3D etc. My advice is: do as much research as possible about the company. Do they use their own engine? Do they use Stingray, Our Machinery with a lot of custom tech, or do they work out-of-the-box with Unity or Unreal? Make sure you do understand their challenges and how you fit to solve them!

  1. What would you say are common mistakes students do when applying for internships? 

A common mistake many students do is to send their portfolio to the company, without adjusting to what the company needs. Again, research is crucial, and spend some time to create content that makes sense to the specific company you apply to.

  1. What is a good portfolio when applying for an internship or a job?

Remember: Game studios are founded out of passion for games. Your portfolio should show that you share the common passion the company, and that you want to add to their creativity. The portfolio should show the experience, knowledge and passion the company is looking to invest in. Show them!