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Kursstart: 31 augusti 2020
Ansök senast: Pågående
Kurslängd: 2 år varav 40 veckor praktik

About the programME


Forsbergs Game Programming is a higher vocational education for aspiring game programmers. The programme’s aim is to deliver a professional vocational education as a game programmer and game developer. With emphasis on creative abilities, ideation, and problem-solving skills, through “learning by doing”. The programme is qualified for Swedish financial aid for studies (CSN).

The programme is taught in English. We welcome applications from international students. We encourage prospective applicants to apply early and submit all necessary documents as early as possible.


Game Programming is a full-time 110 weeks long programme with 40 weeks of internship. Regular class hours are daytime Monday-Friday. However, some classes may be scheduled during evenings or weekends. The school is open around the clock for your own work. The training consist of lectures, workshops, tutorials and presentations of the various projects, individual work and group work.


Students will better understand game programming, working on game projects, agile development and presentation skills. Topics such as creative thinking, ideation and process oriented work are covered in depth. Students will fundamentally learn scripting and programming for games. They will have hands-on experience, through game projects in collaboration with the game industry, visits to game studios, industry orientation and internship.


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