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Here is some of the sounds i created from my own recordings or modulated by synthesis or layering. It a widespread variety of sounds to show my broad knowledge experience to record and use sounds in my work. After years of interest of recording its hard to choose from such a vast library. As the interest for VO i also comment some sounds in this video. Please use headphones for best experience.



This showreel contains 4 games i have been a part of during my education the last year and a half.

​A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER – All audio implementation and music is made by me in Unity.


In this showreel i have on my spare time outside my studies created some voices. All voices are recorded by me and my voice. With the voices i started from scratch and just played around with the knowledge i had to try and get some characters out of my voice.


I created this explosion and environment with inspiration from the original video just to use in my portfolio. This explosion should have taken place approx 2,05 km away since the speed of sound is 343m/s at 20degrees celsius but its more likely hotter in this desert making this range a little further away. I layered 4 several explosion sounds with different characters and made sure its realistic and the tail of the sound rings out correctly.

Erick VaghiErick VaghiAnton SpetzeAnton SpetzeJoakim EklöfJoakim EklöfJames ClinchJames ClinchElias BernmarkerElias BernmarkerFilip JohanssonFilip JohanssonEvelina LarssonEvelina LarssonDisa Yttermyr SüttDisa Yttermyr SüttDaniel KarbeliusDaniel KarbeliusDennis ÅkessonDennis ÅkessonOlof BodströmOlof BodströmNo imageAlvaleia ThorssonNo imageAmanda LundqvistAngelica SandAngelica SandAstrid DillnerAstrid DillnerBenjamin KarlströmBenjamin KarlströmCamilla FazalCamilla FazalCharlie AsplundCharlie AsplundEdvard NormanEdvard NormanEllinor GülerEllinor GülerElsa	BurénElsa BurénEmanuel JorildEmanuel JorildEmmelie	BerköEmmelie BerköFilip	FernströmFilip FernströmHanna GrossmannHanna GrossmannJohan BennoJohan BennoBaiba DzilnaBaiba DzilnaAgnes ForsbergAgnes ForsbergAgnes DalundeAgnes DalundeAdriana KarlssonAdriana KarlssonAdrian HackmanAdrian HackmanDaniel WinbergDaniel WinbergDavid MejerwallDavid MejerwallPhilip IsraelssonPhilip IsraelssonMira DüklerMira DüklerOscar BäckströmOscar BäckströmZiba ArtystoneZiba ArtystoneNo imageMatilda HabbeLone OlénLone OlénJakob EngwallJakob EngwallFanny BelaieffFanny BelaieffErik MattssonErik MattssonHugo MolanderHugo MolanderJack Fors AhlbergJack Fors AhlbergJoakim BlomstrandJoakim BlomstrandJoakim ÖrnerforsJoakim ÖrnerforsLucas OlssonLucas OlssonPetter SöderbergPetter SöderbergSear WaizySear WaizyAmanda HahneAmanda HahneAva BlixtAva BlixtFilip SuthawanFilip SuthawanJonathan TesfamichaleJonathan TesfamichaleMathilda ChristianssonMathilda ChristianssonRachael WhelanRachael WhelanRasmus MårtensonRasmus MårtensonSalomon EdströmSalomon EdströmJohan StrandJohan StrandJohanna LybeckJohanna LybeckMeja NordmarkMeja NordmarkMicaela GyllerströmMicaela GyllerströmMille HökengrenMille HökengrenMoa RosenbergMoa RosenbergNatalie MedinaNatalie MedinaNelly StjernaNelly StjernaOskar HolmOskar HolmRebecka MolinRebecka MolinRonja Winskog ThunRonja Winskog ThunSandra BorgströmSandra BorgströmSiri Gyllstad WesterSiri Gyllstad WesterSofia PerssonSofia PerssonViktoria LangeViktoria LangeWilliam HultWilliam HultZuhair Al beeshZuhair Al beeshNicholas RalphNicholas RalphRobin WesterbackRobin WesterbackFelix KågeliusFelix KågeliusMaja AhnborgMaja AhnborgLeo GedinLeo GedinInas RashrashInas RashrashNo imageFrida Björk SjöholmFelicia RosengrenFelicia RosengrenErik BrinkErik BrinkCleopatra NabulyaCleopatra NabulyaAnnika SundströmAnnika SundströmNo imageAnja SjöströmAnna RickmanAnna RickmanAlfred HolmgrenAlfred HolmgrenAlhagi NjieAlhagi NjieEllen KingforsEllen KingforsElliot Lindqvist TaintonElliot Lindqvist TaintonEva Nunez RehnEva Nunez RehnMax MohlinMax MohlinMiranda Uribe HöjebergMiranda Uribe HöjebergTilde LennaardTilde LennaardTilda EkengrenTilda EkengrenSirinya HolstSirinya HolstSimon JanssonSimon JanssonRammah HabibRammah HabibPetra AnderbergPetra AnderbergPaloma DemanetPaloma DemanetMatthew TalbotMatthew TalbotMatilda JohanssonMatilda JohanssonMathilda FranzelMathilda FranzelMåns RydhMåns RydhLukas LundkvistLukas LundkvistKarl	DahlforsKarl DahlforsJulia SjöstenJulia SjöstenJulia ÅkerblomJulia ÅkerblomArvid LundinArvid LundinCharlin HanssonCharlin HanssonNo imageChristoffer HedlundNo imageDavid CarlssonEileen RueeggEileen RueeggNo imageEllen WillebrandNo imageEmma LundénNo imageErnesto Perez OlssonNo imageIda KarlssonNo imageJacob RomareNo imageMarcus RekestadMathieu GrillyMathieu GrillyMikael ArtiolaMikael ArtiolaNo imageOfelia Bey BelkacemNo imageSophie EdqvistNo imageCassandra JagerstenNo imageElla SchoultzHanna HoffmanHanna HoffmanNo imageJosef MandellNo imageKalle CarmbackLove MartinssonLove MartinssonNo imageMatias GescheNo imageSandra HäggAlice Tarkanmäki BohmanAlice Tarkanmäki BohmanNo imageOlof ForsgrenNo imageAdam AlzuhairiNo imageAdam TapperNo imageAlex RynkovskiNo imageAmy SvanbergAli ShirzadAli ShirzadNo imageBjörn KlarströmNo imageCristel Alejandra Capetillo HernandezDavid EngblomDavid EngblomNo imageDennis ÅkessonNo imageEmil HuzellNo imageFelix DauberNo imageFredrik WallanderNo imageHenrik NyströmJack KarlssonJack KarlssonNo imageJoel RingNo imageJohan HammarströmNo imageKevin LempaNo imageLiam ThynneNo imageLinus ÅkessonNo imageLinus VallinderNo imagePhilip FjärrforsNo imageMarcus NordströmNo imageMaximilian KassanderNo imageMichael van der PollNo imageOzan Ugur ÖztürkNo imageRuben RådeliusNo imageSimon MagnussonSophie AhlbergSophie AhlbergNo imageThomas AhlströmNo imageXiaodi WangArmin AfazeliArmin AfazeliBenjamin TingBenjamin TingCecilija Simic RihtnesbergCecilija Simic RihtnesbergEfraim KentEfraim KentEmanoel KouriatEmanoel KouriatNo imageEmir UlusoyFelix KjellbergFelix KjellbergHarry HeathHarry HeathIsac LagerströmIsac LagerströmJasmine ÖhlinJasmine ÖhlinJesper DanielssonJesper DanielssonJohannes DanielssonJohannes DanielssonNo imageJonathan JonssonNo imageMattias LönnqvistMaxim ThellenbergMaxim ThellenbergMuhammed Al-idaniMuhammed Al-idaniNadia DahlbergNadia DahlbergNaomi RuokamoNaomi RuokamoNicci ArosénNicci ArosénOliver KällerforsOliver KällerforsOlle RebergOlle RebergOskar AndersonOskar AndersonPavel Sarmiento KocherskyPavel Sarmiento KocherskyQi LiQi LiSami OlssonSami OlssonNo imageSara SaberSokratis PapageorgiouSokratis PapageorgiouNo imageToofan TahmouresiNo imageYasin CakirogluCarl JohanssonCarl JohanssonLudvig FrendinLudvig FrendinOssian ReynoldsOssian ReynoldsRobert LarssonRobert LarssonTom OlovssonTom OlovssonNo imageAdam VigerDaniel LarsenDaniel LarsenNo imageErik BrändströmJeremia NestiusJeremia NestiusNo imageSvante Westin GustavssonNo imageTroy Davis